HealthQuest Helps: Wanda’s Story

  • April 26, 2017

HealthQuest Helps: Wanda’s Story

To see the emotion on Wanda Roberts’ face when she talks about her experience at HealthQuest is to understand the difference it has made in her life.

“I’m feeling better,” she says, speaking through tears. “I actually cried when I came here. I was so happy I had some hope.”

Wanda suffers from neuropathy, a condition she’s dealt with for 4 years, made worse by the chemotherapy treatments she receives for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

“Peripheral neuropathy is a problem that plagues 20 million Americans and it’s a huge problem with chemotherapy,” says HealthQuest founder, Dr. Sol Cogan. “The chemotherapeutic drugs, although they can be important at certain times to save your life from the cancer, can really wreak havoc on the body.”

The pain caused by Marta’s neuropathy has been overwhelming at times. She’s experienced sharp pains that she likens to being stabbed as well as sensations that are similar to electric shocks. But, thanks to the treatments she’s received at HealthQuest, Marta has noticed significant improvements.

“They do things to my hands and back and my hips and my feet,” Marta says. “Everything’s helping.”

Her treatment includes wearing gloves that give off pulsating electrodes, as well as placing her feet in a pulsating foot bath. She also receives regular adjustments. Not only is Marta feeling better, she now also has peace of mind. She’s no longer afraid of the pain, and that’s made a big difference in the way she lives her life.

“HealthQuest is amazing,” she says. “It’s a godsend.”






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