HealthQuest Helps: Susan’s Story

  • May 25, 2017

HealthQuest Helps: Susan’s Story

When Susan Pascal first walked through the doors of HealthQuest, she did so with tears in her eyes. Unfortunately, this had become the norm for Susan. Extreme back pain forced her to go to urgent care and even the emergency room.

When she discovered HealthQuest in a Facebook ad, Susan found hope that she could get better. “I started reading up on who their clients were and their reputation and I tried it out,” she says.

Susan tells us she’s glad she did. Thanks to the treatment she’s received at HealthQuest, she has seen significant improvement.

“It’s dramatic,” she says. “The first couple of weeks were really awesome.”

Decompression Success

Susan undergoes a treatment called spinal decompression, which involves stretching the spine using a traction table.  Read more about treatment options here. “They put on these harnesses. You lay on a table and they make sure you’re straight and it gently pulls you,” says Susan. “It’s relief.”

Our staff also provides laser treatments and massage. It’s proven to be an effective combination. Susan also raves about the support she’s received from our staff, from Dr. Cogan to the folks at the front desk. “They’re there for you and they make you feel good and positive,” says Susan. “They work with you and they’re just great.”

Can a Facebook ad change your life? Susan says yes it can. She’s sharing her story with the hope of helping others who are living with chronic pain. “HealthQuest if life-changing,” Susan says. “It really took me from a state of constant pain to where I am capable of functioning again. It’s been an awesome experience.”

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