HealthQuest Helps: Stephen’s Story

  • January 24, 2017

HealthQuest Helps: Stephen’s Story

When he first came to HealthQuest, Stephen Wozniak, 68, of Dearborn needed a cane or a walker to get around. The US Air Force veteran and Ford Motor Company retiree was in a great deal of pain. Not anymore!

“I had terrible balance… my legs were beginning to be very painful,” Wozniak says. “The VA wasn’t doing anything for me except giving me pain reducers and I wasn’t interested in that. I wanted to throw the cane away and do what I did my whole life, walk without it.”

Stephen came in for a comprehensive examination and our team developed a customized plan. Within two short weeks of treatments, he saw major results. He noticed the feeling starting to come back into his legs and feet again and he was able to walk without the cane for long distances.

“That was the best feeling I’ve ever had,” he says. “I looked at it and I said, ‘this is a miracle.’ What the doctor does is gives you your life back. Instead of sitting around, moping around watching TV all day I get up and go all over the place now. I’m able to keep up with other people I’m walking with. Before I was a laggard. I’d say, ‘just go ahead, I’ll catch up.’ I just feel this has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

During a recent office visit, Dr. Cogan was pleased with Stephen’s progress. He remembers well the first time Stephen came into the office and how much he was struggling.

“What’s so amazing about what we do here is we see that all the time,” Dr. Cogan says. “Every day we have people say to us that we change their life, that they’re able to do things that they couldn’t have done in the past – and I can’t describe how that really feels.”

We are so proud to help our patients literally get back on their feet and resume their normal lives. Find out how HealthQuest can help you. Call today: 1-877-99-QUEST or visit to find the office nearest to you.


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