About HealthQuest Chiropractic

About HealthQuest Chiropractic

At our clinics, several of which can be found in the Detroit metro area (Farmington Hills, Livonia, Taylor, etc)  as well as throughout Michigan and one location in Missouri, we offer the latest in technology. We specialize in the use of Spinal Decompression techniques, the results of which can be truly amazing as this testimonial from one of our former patients shows: NFL Hall of Famer Goes From Wheelchair to Pain Free Without Surgery. For more information on the specifics of how spinal decompression can accomplish such a dramatic relief of back pain, please visit our Severe Back and Neck Pain page.Healthquest Team

Not all back pain requires such a dramatic techniques however and our doctors can often relieve most back pain through the use of manipulation and massage alone.

Our clinics boast the most modern equipment and certified doctors, a winning combination that can leave you pain free! Some of the equipment used in our offices includes spinal decompression therapy with multiple devices, the DRX9000, Proadjuster, Pulstar, Core Stabilization Therapy, Vibe-Plate (vibration therapy), and of course, Manipulation and Massage Therapy.

At HealthQuest  Chiropractic, our philosophy is simple, we would rather not have you as a patient than have you fail to get results. Because of that philosophy, we strive to be honest up front. If you have back or neck pain, we urge you to call. If the certified doctors at HealthQuest feel that they can help you, we will tell you and if they can’t, we will tell you that too.

But prepare to be amazed by the dramatic recovery that modern Spinal Decompression therapy can result in.

If you have been involved in an auto accident, you should know your rights and benefits. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise, in many cases, injuries from auto accidents are covered at 100%.

For more information about Healthquest, listen to what our patients have to say:

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About Healthquest Chiropractic
Healthquest chiropractic is proud to serve Farmington Hills, Livonia, Taylor, and the entire Detroit Metro area as well as throughout Michigan and Missouri. We offer the latest in chiropractic technology and focus on helping you live without pain naturally.
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Healthquest Chiropractic

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